When in Yelapa...

In Yelapa, like most places, the more you are
willing to spend, the more there is to do.
Yelapa’s charm is that the best things are free.
Here’s a sampling of both:

The Beach ~ As you can tell from the
pictures, the beach is long and sandy with room
for privacy and there is snorkeling at each end.
There are two smaller beaches only 10 minutes
from the house.
Snorkeling & Scuba diving
trips to outlying areas can be arranged.
and wind surfers are there to rent as
well. There are many good and inexpensive
restaurants along the beach. Our favourite is  
Fanny's possibly because I can get a Bloody
Caesar there and the food is relatively
inexpensive and delicious. Great service.
Fishing ~ Several operators provide fishing
services as well as
day trips to secluded beaches
& out to the beautiful
Marieta Islands for
snorkeling and picnics. Ask Diego for
suggestions. You can also fish from the rocks
along the point where you will often get strikes.
Horseback Riding ~ Ask anyone in the
village for my old friends Matilde or Abrilado
and one of them will take you on a reasonably
priced ride along the beach, up the river or
wherever you want to go. Mornings and
afternoons are best and make sure you tell
them Scott sent you.
Para Sailing ~ Like Vallarta, but there is
much more to see. This is the best way to get a
view of the village, river, and jungle. Fun and
safe. Feel free to negotiate your own rates.
Para Gliding ~ For the more adventurous
Yelapa has become a destination for those who
launch themselves from two of the local peaks
and spend hours circling lazily from their
parachutes down to the beach.
Tandem rides and instruction are available from
several qualified operators.
Billiards and Sports Bar ~ Yelapa has a
cool pool hall where the locals like to watch
soccer matches, have an icy Corona and shoot a
few games. It is a fun, laid-back place where
ladies and children are welcome.
El Manguito's Restaurant ~  located 20
minutes upriver where they put on any NFL,
NHL, or NBA game you choose that’s on
satellite TV. A beautiful spot with great hosts,
incredible food and killer Margarita's.
Day Trips to Vallarta ~ Leave Yelapa in
the morning to shop then catch a boat back in
time for happy hour and the welcome tranquility
of what now feels like home.
River Walk ~ Yelapa has a river running into
the bay that you can walk alongside up to
beautiful and secluded waterfalls. The trip takes
about 60-90 minutes and you will pass by small
homes, ranches, woods and pastures. When you
arrive you can cavort in the pools and small
cascades. Take a picnic because you are likely to
have the various places here to yourself and it is
great for leaving inhibitions behind. This place
is a jungle paradise that is safe (and you won’t
get lost.)
The Waterfall ~ Only minutes from the
house there is a 100-foot cascade with a pool at
the bottom and a small restaurant. A nice place
for a quiet breakfast or late lunch. The best part
is what the tourists don’t see and that is the
pools at the top of the waterfall, which require a
20–30 minute  hike. This is like a private
infinity pool where you can swim and bask on
the rocks as you enjoy the panoramic view of
the bay.

Yelapa is blessed with a great variety of
restaurants for all tastes that we think are
often cheaper and better than in Vallarta.
The following restaurants will also be happy
to prepare your meals to go!

Please note that many of the village
restaurants are closed from late April 'till
October but most on the beach are open.

Almost all of the following restaurants are
within 10 minutes walking distance from
Casa Grace:
Please note that things change!

Café Bahia ~ or Susan's as we call it. A great
place for a quality breakfast and lunch located
right at the end of the pier when you arrive. A
local's favourite with good cocktails and this girl
can really cook. Super burritos.

Pollo Bollo ~ Yelapa’s own BBQ pit. A hit
with the locals and gringo's alike & just down
the path, this romantic spot with great service
offers grilled ribs, chicken, seafood, vegetarian
and sides at a great price and atmosphere.
Check out the ½ orders where $7.00 buys you a
satisfying meal.

Eclipse Café ~ Right by Yolanda's Tacos is a
small restaurant with good coffee/lattes that is
popular for breakfast. They also prepare an
amazing fish special every Tues. night.

Yolanda's Tacos ~ This is at my friend
Timo's house and his family does the cooking
Mon. & Wed. Nights. Right across from the
Eclipse, this is the place you go for taco's or
quesadillas when you don't feel like more.
Super cheap & tasty chow on the patio.

Tacos y Mas - Located just off the path on
the way to the village waterfall this is a
wonderful outdoor restaurant with great
ambiance for weeknight dinners. Everything on
the menu is good but Chef Dickie usually has
two specials each night that will keep you
coming back for more.

Gloria's - In the town and now being run by
our friends "Bully" and Celeste, they have
made great improvements to this long-standing
location. Wednesdays is the big night when
Bully cranks up the BBQ and the local
musicians keep people entertained & dancing.
Open all day.

The Yacht Club ~ There is no dock, no
yachts and certainly no pretension. For over 30
years this restaurant/juke joint on the bay has
been the meeting place for all those who want to
dance like crazy. Only 10 minutes from the casa,
meals are now seasonal, usually on Wed & Sat.
nights before the party starts, which often runs
until 3:00am. Worth checking out!

Ray's - Our friend Ray and his family operate
this comfy, funky restaurant beside Gloria's on
the main path with tables inside & out.
Specializing in Vera Cruz - style cuisine Ray's is
also getting rave reviews from locals and
visitors for their burgers and pizza's if you're in
the mood for a little 'comfort' food. Open for
lunch & dinner most days with a traditional
Mexican "Biria"specialty for Sun. Brunch.

Los Abuelos - An amazing addition to
Yelapa's culinary scene located near the
Community Hall/Casino and operated by
local master chef Fabian and extended
family. Check out the nightly specials and
local favourites. The portions and quality are
something else!

The Oasis ~ Good food and unique
accommodations situated by the lagoon in a
tranquil plantation atmosphere. They have a
super happy hour and have big screen movies
once a week as well as local music nights.

Passion Flower Gardens ~ Seasonally
open 1-2 nights a week off the trail that goes by
the river. A mellow garden atmosphere with
movie nights, accommodations & interesting,
fresh menus.

El Manguito's ~ One of our favourites
located 20 minutes upriver. A cool riverside
patio under a mango tree where Louis & family
will spoil you with great food, cold beer &
awesome marg's. A unique place where you can
often watch professional sports on satellite TV.

Christine's River Side Cafe - Yelapa's
only vegetarian restaurant located about a 30
minute stroll from the village. A unique setting
with delicious food and famous brownies. Stop in
on your way up to the waterfalls and place your
order. It will be ready when you get back.

Fanny's on the beach - Our favourite place
on the playa. A wonderful & hardworking  
family serves great, fresh food at reasonable
prices. The fourth restaurant on the beach with
comfy loungers, the great views & fun service.  

Lagunita Hotel & Barracuda Lounge
~ Located at the far end of the beach, they serve
good food at quite reasonable prices to mostly
guests of the hotel. A nice change for breakfast
or lunch or even dinner if you don't mind the
hike back along the beach at night. Please note
they may currently be closed due to
management changes.
yelapa is a state of mind
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When in Yelapa...
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Getting to Yelapa
Helpful Information
The Yacht Club
Beach restaurants
Pollo Bollo's
Coco Bar
Waterfall restaurant in town
View from the beach, past the lagoon & up river
The magical Marieta Islands
Waterfalls upriver
Horseback riding (on tequila?)
Eclipse Cafe
Cafe Bahia / Susan's
Writers & Artist Workshops ~ Yelapa has a large creative community of authors and
artists of all kinds who often provide formal instruction in addition to weekly workshops that
you are welcome to participate in for free.
Spanish Language, Cooking and Yoga Lessons ~ Beginner through expert. There
are few places like Yelapa where so many talented professionals from all over the world offer
you the chance to learn their secrets and skills for such a reasonable price. There is always
something going on to learn about and it is always fun and informative.
Reading ~ you will not believe how conducive Yelapa’s peaceful environment is for reading
more books than you thought possible.
Hanging-out ~ everywhere you turn the local indigenous people are conducting their daily
lives. Hopefully you will appreciate the diversity of personalities and professions involved in
keeping the village stocked & running smoothly by boat transport, everyday.
Yolanda's Tacos
Tres Amigos - Hotel Lagunita
The village church where you are welcome
to worship
The Oasis
April & Passion Flower Gardens
El  Manguito's
The end of another day in paradise...
Golden sand awaits you!
A paraglider launches above Yelapa
Beach corral
Village pool hall & sports bar
Be sure to check out our
second casa located near by:
Christine'e Riverside Cafe
The lads at Fanny"s